About the Lowery Institute

Our Vision

We believe that every human being should have a political voice and possess the tools to be a change agent in his/her community.

Our Values

Servant leadership, community equity, and rights for all

Our Mission

The Institute is dedicated to training, developing, empowering, and inspiring leaders to improve their communities for the common good. It serves this mission by focusing on: civil and human rights; social justice; education; and community health locally, nationally, and abroad.

Our Strategic Goals

• Promote community-based nonviolent and mediation strategies
• Educate and develop future leaders and change agents
• Improve community outcomes
• Address food insecurity among college students
• Empower victims of violence
• Develop strategic partnerships with schools, churches, community organizations,
corporations, and institutions of higher education
• Refine and expand the social innovation laboratory
• Shrink the “School-to-Prison Pipeline”