Barbershop Community Series

The Lowery Institute Barbershop Community Series is a national partnerships to bridge police and community efforts to support the “beloved community”.The Community Barbershop Conversation Series began in the summer of 2016.  The purpose of these dialogues are to provide a safe and familiar environment to continue critical race dialog; specifically, the relationship between law enforcement and black men.  The goal is to educate participants on the importance of local elections and make clear the connection between local elections and the impact it has on the judicial system.  The Lowery Institute wants partners with local Atlanta barbershops to host critical conversations pertaining to recent police brutality in the African American community.

To date the Lowery Institute has hosted eight critical conversations and the topics have evolved from just police brutality to issues like- mental illness in the black community and protest in the era of the Trump administration.  Through this conversational series the Lowery institute has been able to engage more than 200 participants in these critical conversations.