The Board of Directors provide leadership and guidance for the Joseph and Evelyn Lowery Institute for Justice and Human Rights. This team of diverse folk are active in organizational planning, decision making, and the innovation of the Institute. Our board members bring diverse perspectives, professional acumen, and life experiences that reflect the many communities supported by the Lowery Institute.

Interested in becoming a member of the board? Please contact our CEO, Cheryl Lowery via email!

Current Members of the Board

Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, Chairman, Trustee Board
Bishop Woodie W. White, Chairman, Mission Board
Mr.  Aaron Turpeau, Vice Chair
Ms. Gwenne Campbell, Secretary/Treasurer
Ms. Cheryl Lowery, President/CEO
Rev. Olu Brown
Mrs. Cristale  Brown-Patterson
Mr. Imara Canady
Mrs. Candice Franklin
Mrs. Joya Gregoire
Hon. Terrinee Gundy
Dr. Ronald A. Johnson
Atty. Andre Johnson
Ms. Yvonne Kennedy
Ms. Karen Lowery
Mr. Kent Malock
Rev. J. Allen  Milner
Hon. Thelma Moore
Ms. Alisha Morgan
Rev. Anthony A. W   Motley
Rev. Kevin Murriel
Ms. Gail Nutt
Mrs. Vicki Palmer
Dr. David Satcher
Mr. Scott Satterwhite
Rep. Calvin Smyre

Meet Our Team!

Cheryl Lowery

President & Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (404) 524-8406

Blanche Payne

Director of Operations

Phone: (404) 524-8406

Cheryl Jones

Specialist: Education

Phone: (404) 524-8406

Alexandria Harris

Specialist – Leadership Development

Phone: (404) 524-8406

Lori James

Practicum Supervisor

Phone: (404) 524-8406