“An Empty Sack Cannot Stand” (Poem) By Jahi Flowers, Morehouse College

*Based on a Mandingue Proverb*

Who are you?

Are you an empty sack 

That cannot stand?

Or just an open hand

Always seeking to command.

Do you demand 

That the land you walk on be soft?

Or do you accept its grooves

And bizzare crevices

For all that they are?

So, tell me.

Are you full of love

Or full of it?

Is the sack that stands tall

Still empty 

Even when you are in it?

Is it so crazy to believe

That you once filled my sack

With hopes and dreams

That reminded me of the

Warm, Sunday afternoons

I use to spend

Daydreaming about my life beyond


But now that my hope has left

And my dreams are still asleep

I only have you to blame

And my empty sack 

That will not stand

Without you