Running to Conquer Fear, By Jahi Flowers, Morehouse College


There I was, toeing the line of my first cross country race of my college career. I couldn’t help but think about what brought me to that very moment. I can recall, with great detail, the nervous sweat running down my forehead and the quiet anticipation of the runners to my left and right. In that moment, no one would have ever believed that most of my life was a constant cycle of backing down from challenges that I found too difficult to address. 

So, as you can imagine, I was extremely anxious to face the unforeseen pain of my first 8k (5 mile race). However, beyond the concept of racing at the college level, it is important for an individual to reflect on every moment when they were reluctant to break out of their comfort zone. The confrontation of fear emcompasses dealing with various challenges, like interpersonal relationships, academics, and even emotional well being. It is important to know that fear is an obstacle that will always be present in our daily lives, but should not serve as a barrier. 

As I crossed the finish line, the burst of satisfying pain I experienced was exhilarating. I can proclaim with confidence that even though I run for a living, fear is the last thing I will ever be running from. 

As an athlete, student, or parent, when was a time that you conquered your fears and broke out of your comfort zone?