Toxic Man (Poem) By Jahi Flowers, Morehouse College


Hey man,wassup?

Nothing much…

I got something I wanna ask you?

Okay, Wassup?

Who am I without you?

Without who?

Well, you see

Some refer to it as Toxicity.


Because it has a lot to do

with my Masculinity 

Your What?

My assumed “Identity”.

Defined and Cultivated

By my hatred of things

That question it. 

Conforming to my Society

was once my Religion.

My church on

Sunday mornings

And no matter how fast 

I ran

I couldn’t out run 

this reality 

Where Masculinity

Was a prize

That must be won by 

Any means


The anger in performing, 

The pain of conforming.

Toxic masculinity,

may open many doors

But none of these doors

Are virtues.