Making It A Fair Fight, Niyah Theus, Clark Atlanta University

Image from the Fair Fight website:

With presidential election season underway, it is important to look at the ways that elections are including and excluding voters. There are still several candidates on the Democratic side that voters will need to decide on who will represent them before the election in November. On January 29, 2020, Stacey Abrams visited Morehouse College to lead the Annual Lecture and Conversation Series. Stacey Abrams was a gubernatorial candidate during Georgia’s 2018 elections. Abrams, unfortunately, lost the race, but inspired by her loss, Abrams launched Fair Fight.

The purpose of Fair Fight is to put a stop to illegal voter suppression. Voter suppression is a strategy used in hopes of preventing certain groups from voting. Abrams expressed her passion for bringing an end to voter suppression by comparing herself to the Hulk. Abrams referenced a scene from the Marvel movies, and the scene she described as the one where the Avengers ask Bruce Banner how he changes so easily because for the Hulk to change, he has to be angry. Banner expressed that his secret is that he is always angry. Abrams expressed that she is always angry about voter suppression due to its targeting the African American population. Finally Abrams also stated that she has always had her version of fighting voter suppression; Fair Fight just put a name to the face of her cause. This is what her website says about voter suppression:


“Like the poll taxes and literacy tests of the Jim Crow era, modern voter suppression efforts are relentless and effective. Efforts to discourage and disenfranchise voters—in voter registration, ballot access, or counting of votes—have a catastrophic effect on our democracy and our communities. The facts and faces of voters from the 2018 election in Georgia convey the insidious design and pervasive impact of voter suppression.” (Feb 2020). The solutions Abrams’ is fighting for are voter registration, ballot access, and voter counting.

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  • Kayla Howard says:

    This was a great blog! The example Abrams provided about staying angry really drives home the point. Voter suppression is not something we should care about for a period of time and move on, its important all the time. It has real life implications and we should all do our part to make a difference.